Mobile phone radiation harmful for a cockroach’s health: Study
27 Dec, 2017

New Delhi: A cockroach may survive a nuclear blast, but mobile phone radiation does no good to its health, a study conducted on the insect has found.

Findings of the study, conducted by the department of zoology, University College, Thiruvananthapuram, were published in the scientific journal Current Science on Monday.

Exposure of Periplaneta americana (adult male cockroaches) to “electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones resulted in sharp changes in the various enzyme systems of body fat and haematological profile,” said the study published on Monday.

Haematology deals with the scientific study of blood.

Mobile phones are now part of our daily lives but in the past few years, concerns have been raised about the effect of radiation from them on human health even as there is no conclusive proof of their harmful effect as yet.

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