Quanta Pro is a customised Business to Business product for operators and regulators, for mapping out RF emissions in their network.
The product

Quanta Pro is a handheld tool for data collection and a tool for regulators and operators to measure RF emission exposures of cellular networks.

Quanta Pro also provides for cloud backend of data storage and analysis.

With Quanta Pro you can:

Measure and identify high exposure areas – high exposure also means higher power uplinks and downlinks.

Identify new cell locations.

Map RF emission exposure of your network.

Measure and compare different layers of your network, and your network against the competitor.

Compare before and after network upgrade.

Identify your advantage.

Collect RF emission data through very little additional work – it makes sense to have RF emission data available.

Easily collect while test-driving or benchmarking your network.

Make it a part of your best practices.

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